About Ripple Effect

What is Ripple Effect?

Ripple Effect is for people who are marginalised or experiencing a range of disadvantages. What we offer people is the chance to connect and work together through participating in a range of meaningful opportunities that can increase their sense of wellbeing and confidence to make changes in their lives.

Another element of what we do is provide a range of creative opportunities that support people to articulate their lives and experiences in order to influence, challenge stigma and bring about wider change.


What we do

We run programmes of activities that help people develop positive ways of managing anxiety and stress. These include an introduction to Mindfulness, Yoga and ‘Ripple Rambles’ where we take people out of the City to explore the beauty of Dartmoor.

We offer different creative activities and the following are recent examples: The Talking Heads project involved working with people to develop personal stories and then use different digital media to record them in a way that worked for them.   The Photobeatz project is teaching people about taking and editing photos and then developing sound tracks to combine with these for an exhibition.

Ripple Effect Theatre group develops productions based on issues impacting people’s lives. For example, last winter they did a re-working of the Victorian story ‘The Little Match Girl’ as ‘One Last Hit’ to highlight female homelessness.

Get Connected

Above all, Ripple is about getting together with great people, sharing ideas and discovering new possibilities. Please get in touch if you would like to participate or to find out more about the project by emailing rippleeffect@eci.org.uk or call our main office on 01392 205800

Ripple Effect is a project of Exeter Community Initiatives, a local charity that helps people facing isolation and disadvantage. Find out more about Exeter Community Initiatives here.