About Ripple Effect


What we do

Ripple Effect enables people to develop personal skills whilst helping others.  We help people come together and create their own projects to benefit their community.

It is aimed at people who face multiple disadvantage, the long-term unemployed and those who may not be ready for regular volunteering but who want to give their time to something worthwhile.


Give Something Back

Everyone has something to give.  We help you discover what that is and help you think up ways to make a difference, however small.

The idea of a single drop in the water creating continuous ripples captures the aim of the project, the knowledge that our actions have a wider impact on the world.

Develop Yourself

We’re not there to discuss problems – we care about your potential.  By taking part in Ripple Effect projects you can develop your confidence, learn new skills and feel more connected.

Social Action

Social action projects aim to create positive change around a local issue, raise awareness of an issue you feel strongly about and benefit the wider community.

You Decide

You are encouraged to think up your own projects, plan them and carry them out.  Not an ideas person?  That’s fine, we can help you get involved in something that’s already happening.

Get Connected

Above all, Ripple is about getting together with great people, sharing ideas and discovering new possibilities.

Please get in touch if you would like to participate or to find out more about the project. We meet at regular ‘pop ups’ – please see our events section for details.


Ripple Effect is a project of Exeter Community Initiatives, a local charity that helps people facing isolation and disadvantage. Find out more about Exeter Community Initiatives here.